About me

My name is Nick Borrett. I am a software architect, a team leader, and a developer. I work for CREALOGIX but the views represented on this site are my own.

I am passionate about software development and what can be achieved with modern software solutions. In my career, I have developed software for electronic publishers, telecommunications, car manufacturers, healthcare providers, banks, and other financial institutions. I have experience across all layers of the software stack, but in recent times my focus has been on front-end and API development.

I am determined to help others achieve their potential. I am able to mentor and lead developers to help them reach their personal goals. I am a firm believer that you can go fast on your own, but you can go further as a team. I am able to give technical talks and seminars to others, and I am confident when presenting to an audience.

I am married, and I have two great children and a dog called Moss. I enjoy running, cycling, swimming, and triathlon. I am the captain of the One Second Cycling cycling team, and we enter the annual Revolve24 24 hour bike race at Brands Hatch. I am interested in the culture and literature of German-speaking countries, and I am an intermediate German speaker. I enjoy reading books about psychology and human behaviour.

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